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Просмотр фильма "Great Expectations" в КиноВертикаль

October 7th

Great Expectations

- learn new words
- watch the film
- have a discussion

The film is the seventh version of Charles Dickens' novel of the same name. David Nicholls was asked to develop the screenplay after he had worked on the 2007 film And When Did You Last See Your Father?, and while he was working on an adaptation for television of Thomas Hardy's Tess of the d'Urbervilles for the BBC. He had worked with producers Elizabeth Karlsen and Stephen Woolley on the 2007 film, and they approached him to work on Great Expectations. During the development of the film, Nicholls published the novel One Day, which was subsequently adapted into a film in 2011. Nicholls described in interviews that he saw Dickens' work as his childhood defining novel, having first read the book when he was fourteen and it having since remained his favourite. He also praised the 1946 version, directed by David Lean.

Ждем всех к 18:30! Московское ш.17, 3 этаж.

Ведущие: преподаватели центра Language Assistant Евгения Дудникова и Кэтрин Хорсбуг.

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